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Neptune Newcastle Project

This project was to upgrade the existing quay to improve the structural capacity and allow further expansion of the client’s operations.

The works included the extension of approximately 50 linear meters of quayside and consisted of the installation of 13 no. hollow steel tubular piles (1470 diameter) spaced at circa 3m centres with steel sheet piles between tubular piles to form a combi wall system.

The combi wall was then tied using 80mm tying rods to steel tubular anchor piles (1220 diameter) at the rear of the slab. Drainage to minimize tidal lag and prevent the build-up of excessive hydrostatic pressure was provided in the form of vertical slot weep holes positioned just above low water level to allow maintenance and at the base of granular back-fill placed between the new wall and the existing quay.

A suitable filter material will be provided at the weep holes to prevent loss of fill material. Cathodic Protection has been incorporated into the installation to protect all steel structural elements subject to corrosion.

The new quay structure immediately to the rear of the wall took the form of a suspended concrete slab supported on a grid of bearing piles reducing the impact of lateral loading on the new quay wall. The top of the wall was constructed using pre-cast concrete units secured to the tubular piles by cast-in steel UC spigots and reinforcement steel which was then tied into the suspended slab. The suspended concrete slab was then reinforced with around 120ton of cut & bent reinforcement steel and poured in two main pours each of circa 450m3 concrete. Mooring bollards were cast into the main deck at 30m spacing and are capable of taking up to 100 tons per bollards.

The rear slabs were ground bearing and were a combination of mesh reinforced and fibre concrete with drainage attenuation and oil separators installed below slab level tying into the existing sewer outfall.